Clever ways to capture more reviews from hotel guests

The more reviews you have, the more opportunities to increase your ranking — and show guests just how great their stay with you will be. Here’s a few ways to generate more reviews from your guests.

A key component of steady business for your hotel is generating a consistent stream of recent reviews. Prospective hotel guests want to know what it’s like to stay at your property — what the rooms look like, how clean they are, what kind of amenities you offer — and the best way to find that guidance is through the power of reviews.

In fact, 82% of respondents in a recent Tripadvisor survey told us that reviews were “extremely or very important” when it came to making their booking decision, with 68% agreeing that they were more likely to book a hotel after reading a review.

Every review is a chance to increase your ranking — and show guests just how great their stay with you will be. Here are a few ways to generate more reviews from your guests:


Train your front desk staff to ask for reviews

You know the saying, “You don’t get what you don’t ask for?”

The same is true for reviews.

You’d be surprised what a little prompting can do when it comes to collecting reviews. If you can catch your guests before they leave your property and remind them to leave a review once they depart, they’re much more likely to leave a review. Train your front desk staff to ask, explaining exactly how much it helps your business. You can use a script like this:

“We hope you enjoyed your stay with us. If you have a moment when you get home, please leave us a review on Tripadvisor. With so many options in [city] today, it truly helps our business stand out.”

The average traveler has no idea how much reviews help you make the experience better (and bring in new customers), so don’t be shy about letting them know.


Advertise your Tripadvisor presence in your hotel

The hotel lobby and other public spaces are a great place to let people know that you’re on Tripadvisor and would appreciate a review. You can easily order stickers and review cards that advertise your Tripadvisor presence and offer a link or QR code to leave a review directly while your guests are still on-property.


Send a thank-you note in the mail

This may take a little more work, but is a great way not only to collect more reviews but also to encourage loyalty from your guests so they’ll return to stay with you again. Mailing a handwritten thank-you note, postcard, or other piece of mail thanking them for their patronage and asking for a review with a link or QR code can make them feel like they’ve never left, and remember how much fun they had on their trip.


Use email marketing to your advantage

You’re probably already collecting email addresses when guests reserve their rooms with you, so why not make the most of it? Consider sending a thank-you note with an added note to leave a review. Or, take an email you’re already sending — like an automated check-out email with their receipt — and add a few lines asking your guests to leave a review on Tripadvisor.

Once you have their email, you can also send a follow-up email a few days after their stay asking for feedback and for them to leave a review. Send this within 72 hours of check-out, so their stay is still fresh in their minds. That extra touchpoint will go a long way toward encouraging them to leave a review on your Tripadvisor page.

With Tripadvisor Reputation Pro, you can lean on us to do a lot of this work for you. We will send review requests on your behalf, and even automate review collection efforts so you don’t have to give it another thought!


Start capturing more reviews

The more reviews you have, the more likely you’ll have that “aha” moment that your property is where they want to stay. With 74% of travelers visiting Tripadvisor before booking direct, it’s important to make sure you’re receiving a steady stream of new reviews that build confidence for potential guests as they take a leap into their next travel adventure — and who knows, that could turn into a lifelong, repeat guest relationship.

Make sure guests find what they are looking for on your Tripadvisor listing and in your online reputation across the web with our suite of marketing solutions.
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