Auckland, New Zealand, Hotel Market Report

Following the announcement of the quarantine-free trans-Tasman bubble, flight searches into Auckland are up 400%. ​

Booking intent for Auckland is at an all-time high

The trans-Tasman route is Australia’s busiest international aviation market. Travel between New Zealand and Australia has been restricted for over a year. On April 6th, an announcement stated it would now be possible to travel between the two countries. Flights resumed on April 19th.

Market Demand next 90 days – Auckland, New Zealand

Trans-Tasman travel is expected to positively impact market demand over the coming months.

Flight and hotel search patterns changed

Following the April 6th announcement, there was a shift in booking intent.

The majority of consumers looking at flights and hotels in Auckland are from AU, many of which looking to stay for short trips extended weekends between 2-4 nights.


Consumers living in Sydney and Melbourne are most likely to travel to Auckland at this time.

Flight search into New Zealand peaks

Post-announcement, flight searches into Auckland and Queenstown increased over 5x, indicating strong travel sentiment across the Tasman. By comparison, Sydney flight search increased only a fraction.

Ready to use our data to make smarter decisions for your property?

Ready to use our data to make smarter decisions for your property?