Free Reputation Management Webinar for Lodging Operators
Watch this webinar (available in English) for expert strategies to build and maintain your online reputation.

In a recent TripBarometer study, the majority of businesses identified “online reputation management” as a top area of focus for 2016. Online reputation management is the process of monitoring reviews and other online content, and then taking action to build a positive impression of your business.

Ready to start managing the online reputation of your business? Watch our popular “Total Reputation Management for Lodging Operators” webinar, hosted by Daniel Craig and brought to you by TripAdvisor. You’ll hear key online reputation management strategies from our panel of industry experts:

  • Daniel Craig: Founder, Reknown – Moderator and Keynote Speaker
  • Sue Burrell: Co-Owner, Millgate Bed & Breakfast, Masham, UK
  • Bill Lewis: General Manager, Magnolia Hotel & Spa, Victoria, Canada
  • Brian Payea: Head of Industry Relations, TripAdvisor

You’ll also learn the five essential steps to developing a successful online reputation management program:

  1. Plan: Set objectives and strategies.
  2. Listen: Set up alerts and notifications.
  3. Act: Discuss feedback with staff; fix problems.
  4. Respond: Show that you’re listening.
  5. Earn: Encourage guests to share.

Don’t miss the companion guide for this webinar: The Ultimate Online Reputation Management Guide. It covers the basics of online reputation including how to set your strategy, secrets to success and a checklist of important activities. Download the companion guide here.

Top Seven Questions and Answers

Don’t have time to listen to the full Q&A session of the webinar? Don’t worry. We’ve sorted through the hundreds of questions submitted by attendees and answered the seven most common ones here:

How can I get my guests to write reviews?

Just ask! The simplest way is to ask each guest to provide their feedback. TripAdvisor has some great tools to help you encourage guests to write reviews. See “5 Free Tools to Remind Guests to Write Reviews” for more information.

Can I remove pictures that guests post?

While you cannot remove a traveler photo, you can flag it for review if it violates TripAdvisor guidelines. To flag a photo, click the flag icon in the lower corner of the photo and select the reason you think the photo should be removed. To learn more, read the TripAdvisor Photo Guidelines.

How do I manage a customer who threatens to write a bad review unless a demand for a refund, upgrade, or other request is met?

TripAdvisor takes allegations of blackmail and threatening behavior by guests very seriously. It’s important to proactively report these threats before a corresponding review is potentially submitted. For more information, read our FAQ on “Reporting Potential Blackmail to TripAdvisor: Report Threats Immediately.”

How do I respond to a negative review?

Negative reviews happen – even the highest rated properties receive an unflattering review now and then. One of the secrets to building a strong online reputation is welcoming all feedback. The most important thing to do after receiving a negative review, besides providing a thoughtful Management Response, is to use this new information to make improvements. For more tips, see “3 Things You Can Do After a Bad Review.

How often should we respond to reviews?

Brian Payea, Head of Industry Relations at TripAdvisor, says the number of reviews you respond to will vary based on your business goals: “At a minimum, I recommend businesses always have at least one response visible on their first page of reviews. That way, customers can see the business cares about feedback and responds, without having to search through multiple pages of reviews for the last negative one.”

Though Management Responses do not impact your Popularity Ranking, research shows that when an owner responds promptly and professionally to a review, it can make a big impact on prospective customers. For more information on the benefits of providing Management Responses take a look at “Responding to Reviews Builds Revenue and Reputation.”

How do I qualify for a Certificate of Excellence?

The Certificate of Excellence celebrates businesses who have consistently achieved glowing traveler reviews over the past year. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five, must receive a minimum number of reviews and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months. For more information, read “Frequently Asked Questions About the Certificate of Excellence.”

What is my TripAdvisor Popularity Ranking based on?

Your TripAdvisor Popularity Ranking is based on the quality, recency and quantity of traveler reviews and reflects your standing against other businesses within your geographical location. For more information, read “TripAdvisor Popularity Ranking: Key Factors and How to Improve.”